Studio di architettura

Lo studio, fondato nel 2005 dall’architetto Daniele Corsaro, ha come obiettivo la progettazione e la realizzazione di opere di qualità che si relazionano armoniosamente con il contesto materiale, sociale e culturale del luogo. Il gruppo è costituito da un team multidisciplinare di professionisti selezionati per competenza, esperienza e sensibilità, che con passione sono in grado di seguire tutte le fasi di sviluppo del progetto, dal concept alla realizzazione.


The group consists of a multidisciplinary team of professionals selected for their expertise, experience and sensitivity, who with enthusiasm and passion are able to follow all stages of project development, from concept to implementation.

He graduated in architecture in 2001 at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome. After various training and professional experiences at various universities and architectural studios in Europe, in 2005 he founded the “Corsaro Architetti” studio in Puglia where, through numerous professional experiences, he acquired an in-depth knowledge of the local architectural culture. The influence of different cultures and the knowledge of traditional construction techniques are combined in his works and are expressed, on the one hand through the rigor of forms, typical of northern Europe, on the other with the complexity of the Mediterranean vision. His works have been awarded, published and exhibited in various prestigious venues, in Italy and abroad, including: “Mies Van Der Rohe Award 2013” in Barcelona and the “Biennale di Venezia” in 2014. Since 2001 he has been collaborating with the “KTH-School of Architecture” in Stockholm.

Daniele Corsaro

Founder and Director

After moving from Bari to Berlin at the age of twenty-two, in 1993 Annalisa Bruno founded “Marble and Terracotta”, an interior design laboratory collaborating with the most important architectural firms throughout Germany. After fifteen years in the interior design sector Annalisa returned to Italy in 2009 ready for a new challenge. In 2011 she founded, together with the architect Daniele Corsaro, “Apulia Property Design”, Her considerable experience in the field of design, construction and project management has given her the ability, regardless of the situation, to quickly overcome any difficulty by finding ideal and suitable solutions for every need. This skill is appreciated by potential clients, who are looking for an ideal space that reflects their style, taste and personality.

Annalisa Bruno

Account Manager
Business Development

Born in Cisternino in the province of Brindisi. In 2001 he graduated from the “Leonardo da Vinci” Technical Institute for Surveyors in Martina Franca (TA), specializing in construction and the environment. He immediately began to gain practical experience with various local studios in the Valle D’Itria, and in November 2006 he graduated as a surveyor before registering in April 2007. In May 2007 he started working with the studio “Corsaro Architetti”, assuming the role of technical supervisor of projects and construction sites and for liaising with the various contractors and administrative bodies involved in the project of the studio.

Luigi Susca

Technical Director

He graduated in engineering in 2006 at the Polytechnic of Bari. In the same year he opened the “Rocco Petrosino Ingegnere” studio, gaining professional experience through collaborations with other engineering studios. Engaged in the design and calculation of the structures of private works, right from the start, he was rewarded with technical engineering services by the public administrations, which saw him as the designer and construction manager of numerous public works.
Passionate about architecture and an expert in reinforced concrete and steel structures, over the years he has created load-bearing structures in complete synergy with the architectural interpretation desired by the project designer. Research, the study of new materials for supporting structures, the updating of regulations on seismic constructions are his constant professional rule. Since 2016 he has been collaborating with “Corsaro Architetti”, and since 2020 he has been an integral part.

Rocco Petrosino

Office Manager

In 2016, he moved to Pescara to start cultivating what was previously just an interest, Architecture. Graduated in 2021 in Architecture at the Gabriele D’Annunzio University of Pescara, with a thesis on project and context entitled “Center for audiovisual arts in Testaccio”. From 2021 he began his collaboration with “Corsaro Architetti” studio.

Francesco De Gaetani

Project Manager

Graduated in 2022 in Architecture at the Gabriele d’Annunzio University of Pescara with a thesis in Project and Context entitled “Città Sant’Angelo: the new dimension of spaces for care. Between the urban artifice and the nature of the landscape.” The degree research focuses on the villages of the Abruzzo hinterland, then developing a project for a new rehabilitation center by examining in parallel the theme of therapeutic greenery. In 2022 she moved to Puglia and began collaborating with “Corsaro Architetti” studio.

Marianna Mancini

Project Manager

He studied architecture at the Israel Institute of Technology “Technion” and graduated from the “Pratt Institute” in New York. Ori Merom is an architect with extensive professional and academic experience and with a long list of awarded international architecture competitions. He currently teaches at the “KTH-School of Architecture” in Stockholm. He has acquired extensive experience in large-scale international projects and has collaborated with “Corsaro Architetti” since its foundation, both professionally and academically.

Ori Merom


Born in Grottaglie in the province of Taranto. In June 2005 she graduated from the “Don Milani Pertini” Institute in Grottaglie with an accounting specialization. In September 2007, you started working in Daniele Corsaro’s architectural firm in a crucial and wide-ranging role with tasks including administration, accounting, organization and information.

Giusi Chirico




Mental coach