Studio di architettura

Lo studio, fondato nel 2005 dall’architetto Daniele Corsaro, ha come obiettivo la progettazione e la realizzazione di opere di qualità che si relazionano armoniosamente con il contesto materiale, sociale e culturale del luogo. Il gruppo è costituito da un team multidisciplinare di professionisti selezionati per competenza, esperienza e sensibilità, che con passione sono in grado di seguire tutte le fasi di sviluppo del progetto, dal concept alla realizzazione.

Founded in 2005 by architect Daniele Corsaro, the practice targets the design and construction of high-quality buildings that relate harmoniously to the material, social and cultural context of their site.
Chosen for their competence, experience and sensibility, the group consists of a multidisciplinary team of passionate professionals who oversee every stage of project development, from concept to completion.
The practice operates in the public sector as well as in different fields of the private sector and on a variety of scales, from architecture to landscape and from urban planning to design, constantly researching and experimenting with new solutions that make every result unique.
This holistic approach takes full account of the various aspects and components, harmonising them to obtain a result that expresses coherence, from the smallest detail to the building as a whole.
The conscious and responsible use of materials and technologies ensures that the finished building will have minimal impact on and maximum respect for the environment.
For several years, the practice has been working on research and teaching with the Faculty of Architecture at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

The following projects have been awarded prizes, exhibited and published:

“Architects Meet in Selinunte”, Sicily 2017;
“Outside the walls”, Stockholm – Ostuni 2015;
Venice Architecture Biennial, 2014;
“In/Arch Puglia” Prize, Bari 2014;
“Apulia” Prize, Bari 2013;
“Fondazione Renzo Piano” Prize, 2013;
“Mies Van der Rohe Prize”, Barcelona 2012;

Pugliarch Slow-architecture, Bari 2012;
Gold Medal for Italian Architecture 4th edition, 2012 Milan Triennial;
“Place in the Sun”, Birmingham 2012;
“Bauwelt Preis”, Hamburg 2003;
“Now>Next” (Lettera Ventidue) 2017, “Italia Architettura 7” (UTET 2013), “Green Building Magazine” 2013, “AREA” 07/2017, Interni 07/2017, “Progetti & Concorsi” (Il sole 24 ore) 02/2012.