29 June – 1 July 2017, Parco Archeologico di Selinunte (TP)
Architects Meet in Selinunte – 7th edition


Corsaro Architetti was invited to report on the relationship between architecture and landscape.

The way we understand our work as architects is currently in flux. Architectural design is increasingly forced to deal with art, design, innovative disciplines, new knowledge and an economy that imposes both unexpected forms and unusual relationships with the land.
Despite this, a demand for a return to the past is becoming ever stronger. As everything changes, we are being asked to build and rebuild things where and as they were, as if nothing had happened. In particular, these changes have affected ways of seeing and organising inhabited space. The centre of things has been lost, and what was previously considered secondary or marginal has now assumed a new level of interest and centrality.

During the seventh edition of Architects Meet in Selinunte and the sixth edition of the Selinunte Summer School, the following question was asked: how is it possible to approach rebuilding the centre, forgetting that what is secondary or collateral has gained ever greater importance? How do we reconstruct relationships that recent history has already profoundly compromised? How do we now go about giving value to the land?