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Corsaro architetti - progetto
Corsaro architetti - progetto
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Architectural practice

Founded in 2005 by architect Daniele Corsaro, the practice targets the design and construction of high-quality buildings that relate harmoniously to the material, social and cultural context of their site.
Chosen for their competence, experience and sensibility, the group consists of a multidisciplinary team of passionate professionals who oversee every stage of project development, from concept to completion.



Casa M-101 #newproject

This house stands on hilly terrain in an attractive landscape characterised by the presence of oak and olive trees. A desire to leave the site untouched led to the idea for a “suspended house” that sits on the plot without touching it. The building features two protruding horizontal slabs that float in parallel to form the “portico”, a shaded area protected from the weather and from which to contemplate the view.